Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Home project!!!

My oasis ...
anis tha
Link here to see my front door project!
View here the story behind this Chandelier!
Entrance area

 Perfect reading nook
Before red sofa and no curtains
Shiny comforter from West Elm
I love my Frou Frou lampshade to compliment my decor!
Closer look of the mosaic 
One of my favorite room in the house, my closet ;))
This was my first project as a Intetior Stylist,
in collaboration with the architect and contractor , I was there to decide on all the smallest details...
The fun part was when you can make a closure on your dream home...
All I can say is that my husband was a champ to work with ;)
  He let me pick out everything that I wanted  or almost!

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